Salary and benefits regime

I. Working regime:
1. Number of working days per week: 6 days
2. Number of normal working hours: 8 hours (48 hours / week)
3. Number of working shifts: 1 shift: 7:30 am - 11:30 pm, 13h - 17 pm
4. Maximum extra working time: 4 hours per day
- Workers have the right to refuse overtime if they do not want to. And they ask their superiors to register if they want to work overtime. This request for overtime must be approved by their supervisor and director.

II. Income
 Average income of workers on line is 7,500,000 VND inclusive:
1. Salary: VND 4,700,000
2. Attendance money: 700,000 VND
3. Labor fee A: 300,000 VND
4. New labor allowance: 30% x excess product salary
5. Enjoy productivity: 30% x (excess product salary-money to participate in social insurance)
6. Maximum income of workers on the line: No restriction
- Rate of overtime pay: 150% for weekdays, 200% for Sundays, 300% for holidays

III.Health, safety and welfare:
Every year, employees and workers are allowed to visit and vacation
Buy accident insurance 24/24 h for 100% CB-CNL
Workers have access to clean drinking water every 3 months
01 doctor and 2 nurses are responsible for health care and first aid
Workers are equipped with masks during working time.
Union organization is established in the company with 100% officials' employees.
Workers receive flowers and a gift of VND 500,000 on the company's birthday.
The allowance for children under 1 year of age is VND 500,000 / month / grandchild and from 1 to 6 years is VND 100,000 / month / child.
Allowance for children with disabilities (children of employees): VND 500 000 / month / child.
Giving mid-autumn festival gifts to families with children aged 17 and under.
Free 1/6 International Children's Day gift to families with children aged 6 and under.
Giving gifts to children of the employees who have achieved excellent students' achievements and won prizes in provincial and national examinations, students who achieved excellent results at the end of the school year.
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